About Transglobal
Located in the stategically important port city of Durban widely considered to be the Gateway to Southern Africa Transglobal also has branches in the major South African cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town, creating a national network. This national footprint guarantess the company ease of access to not only the largest cargo port in the country Durban Harbour - but also the use of all major trade routes to the country's a hinterland and economic hub, inclusive of rail, road and air infrastucture.  

We, at Transglobal firmly, believe in and are committed to the delivery of the best, most reliable and predictable service to our clients. We recognise the need for and importance of service excellence as a way of life in South Africa and set out to achieve this ideal through regular and timely communication. By ensuring that this remains our company's clear-cut focus, we are able to ensure that we deliver every time, on time. Importantly, too, Transglobal is a Proudly South African, Black Economic Empowerment-accredited company. In addition, we have been DEKRA-accredited since June 1998 and measure and implement quality through ISO 9001:2008. What We Do International Freight-Forwarding In essence, Transglobal is an international freight-forwarding company with a truly global reach.

We employ state-of-the-art information technology systems in order to effectively and efficiently support tracking, customs clearance, involving, costing and status reports. We provide our customers the peace-of-mind of door-to- door delivery on six continents,using highly-skilled international agents and we have sophisticated track-and- trace systems in place, which are activated immediately upon placement of orders to ensure every delivery arrives at its intended destination intact and on time.

Our comprehensive business services include:
  • Sea Freight Import and Export Forwarding
  • Air Freight Import and Export Forwarding
  • Customs Clearance
  • Consulting
  • Freight Audits 
  • Supply Chain Management


Sea Freight

Our customers are assured of a cost-effective, time-saving service, executed to the very highest standards.

Transglobal caters for:

  • Full Container Load (FCL)
  • Less than a Container Load (LCL)
  • Regular Groupage Service


Air Freight

Our customers achieve the direct benefits of the lowest available air freight fares. In addition, we offer a variety of service options, including:

  • Red-Het (an excellent service for emergencies)
  • Consolidated (Air Freight)
  • Deferred Air Freight (no delays, en-time delivery).

We, as a company, are firm in our resolve to guarantee our customers the shortest possible transit times, correct packaging requirements, reduced inventory levels and the always safe and careful handling of fragile cargo. Pangaea, the company a tracking system, enables us to efficiently manage all cargo while it is in the air or on the ocean. 


Customs Clearance

Fast and Efficient Goods Clearance

Transglobal strives constantly to meet every customer requirement without compromise. Our company’s members of staff are all trained in and are aware of procedures to continuously meet Customers’ requirements and to speedily and professionally deal with possible customs documentation delays.

Importantly, we have created and developed a database of import commodities, which is stored in Transglobal's computer system, so expediting easy access, as necessary. In addition and as a further safeguard for our customers, all Customs clearance procedures and documentation verification is supervised by a senior employee, well-versed in the necessary actions and capable of ensuring the accuracy of such critical documentation. 

Accordingly, every entry is processed via EBI. We also ensure that our customers are kept informed every step of the way through the process via online status reports or via fax or email.


A Reliable, Mature means of Transportation

So concerned are we with the delivery of the best possible service at the best possible price, that Transglobal employs the services of experts to analyse and advise en the overall supply chain generally and our pricing structures specifically.

These experts provide us with particularly crucial advice regarding correct customs duties, best mode of transportation and INCO terms. We set out to ensure that we become immediately familiar with our customers' business in order that we may effectively take responsibility for the effective management of customer supply chains. Our team of expert constantly works at modifying and improving our internal methodologies and systems, se creating a platform for ongoing client service excellence, by way of meeting ever changing client needs and requirements. Utilizing internal and external experts Transglobal says special attention to contacts, INCO terms, tariff classification to ensure that our customers have a competitive advantage. 

The Transglobal Team comprises highly qualified and experienced members of staff, generally considered experts in the field of logistics. This highly motivated staff complement is relentless in its quest to remain at the very forefront of the latest developments in the transport and freight industry, so enabling Transglobal to offer customers the service excellence they have come to expect of our company. We regard our human resources as a critical element of our business success. Accordingly, we are dedicated to empowering all our employees by assisting them in gaining new skills. As a BEE-accredited company, Transglobal also focuses on empowering staff members from historically disadvantaged communities.

The Transglobal Team - Key Players


Pooven Naidu - Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Head of Operations, Mr Pooven Naidu, boasts more than 19 years experience in the running of the Operations divisions of logistics companies based in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg. He is particularly proficient in logistics surrounding hazardous goods, inclusive of explosives, chemicals and nuclear materials. Mr Naidu, a Business Management graduate, who is currently completing his MBA, plays critical role in the smooth-running of Transglobal.